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             Food for a fact is a necessity life cannot exist without. For many people food is the way to one’s heart through their tummy desires. Food comes in many flavors from Asian, Mexican, Italian, African, Cuban, American and the list can go on. Their are so many varieties of foods in this world that most people wouldn't  know where to start. Many people get caught up with deciding what they want at a fast food drive thru, imagine what it would be like to travel the world and try different foods while doing so. You’d probably need a little guidance on which country to start your food journey at. to help guide your curious tummies in the right direction once a month we choose Travel Foodies to answer a few questions and give us recommendations about food and traveling based on their personal Travel Foodie experience.

Meet Sarah and Josh

 When two people with hungry bellies and hungry souls crossed paths, united by a big appetite and itchy feet a trip was planned and the adventure began. We both firmly believe that life is far too short to eat bad food and that there are way too many adventures to be had to stay in one place. We wander through life taking it one meal at a time in search of belly filling adventures around the globe. 

The Interview

Interview Expires March 10th 2018

  • Who are you?

We are Josh and Sarah a.k.a the Veggie Vagabonds, an adventuring duo with a passion for

food, travel and sustainability. 

  • When you think of the word travel, where does your imagination take you?

Walking along a dusty track in a remote national park looking for our next meal, with a tent in

our rucksacks and a vague sense of where we aim to be by sunset. 

  • Are you a Full Time Traveler, if so at when did you decide to travel full time and why?

Up until the summer we were full time, however we had to come back home due to

unforseen circumstances. We will be back on the road in the next few months for an epic

overland journey. 

  • As a Foodie traveler how do you select your travel destinations when you travel?

We've never been to a country and not found amazing food at some point, so we'll visit a

country for it's overall culture and make the food work for us. As long as we can get fresh

ingredients we love to experiment with local recipes along the way. 

  • How many destination would you say on average you travel to a year and what is the most destinations you’ve traveled in one year?

We are definitely slow travelers. We like to explore and get an understanding of the people

and the culture. In Central and South America we visited 7 countries in one year, so that's

probably the most.

  • Would you say you learn a lot from traveling the world and trying different foods? If so what would you say is the most educational part about food and travel?

Everywhere we go we pick up new recipes and an understanding of the food culture. It's

great because it gives us lots of inspiration for our website and definitely influences how we

eat and live our life. 

  • Are there any particular foods you like to try in most destinations you travel to, if so why?

Anything we've never seen or heard of (even if it doesn't look appealing). Also being vegans

we'll always try to find vegan hangouts and check out their dishes. Oh, and spicy food, we

crave spice!

  • Have you found food regulations and sanitation up keeps are different in different destinations. If so is there a particular destination or destinations you'd like to share who's traditions you would consider are unique from most?

In Sri Lanka we found that even the dirtiest looking stall or eatery was incredibly fresh and

tasty. Generally the food was prepared in unhygienic environments and it was also eaten by

hand, however in three months of copious eating we never had a bad experience.


  • Have you ever gotten ill from a food you've tried while traveling, if so were you prepared for situations as such and is there anything you would such to other people if they ever get sick from a food they eat while traveling?

Being vegan, it's a lot harder to get ill from food. We will literally eat everywhere and

anywhere so over the years our stomachs have definitely toughened up. That being said, it's

best to eat fresh food and if you do get ill make sure you keep hydrated and rest.

  • Do you have a food budget when you travel and if so why or why not?

We always have a tight budget, however if something is special and unique to a country we'll

make sure we try it. There's no point being on the other side of the world and missing out on

local delicacies!

  • Do you take advantage if food tours when traveling or do you use another method to choose food venues to try? 

Food tours are something we've never tried actually. Generally we follow our senses or get

some local advice. If a place is filled with locals then we'll give it a try!

  • What was the strangest food you’ve ever ate while traveling, what made it strange and would you eat it again if you could?

There are countless bizarre foods we've tried but never got the name of. In Malaysia we tried

a vegan fish head soup. VEGAN fish head soup. It was delicious but pretty strange!

  • As a Foodie traveler where was your most favored travel destination, what type of cuisine did that destination offer, was there a particular food really enjoyed and if you could go back to that destination why or why not?

Sri Lanka stole our hearts and filled our bellies. There was a blistering amount of fresh,

healthy and delicious curries and dishes everywhere we went. It's a veggie's dream and no

two dishes ever tasted the same. Not only this but it was cheap as chips (or curry).

  • What would you say is the best part about being a Foodie Traveler?

It's an amazing way to meet locals! When you meet a cook or eatery owner who is proud of

their food it creates an instant connection. Plus, we're always learning about new ingredients

or cooking techniques we can try in the kitchen.

  • Do you prefer to travel Solo, with friends or Significant other and why?

We always travel together. Wouldn't want it any other way. 

  • Do you find that there are many other people like yourself who are more willing to try exotic foods while traveling, why or why not?

Some are, however most travelers we meet are more skeptical of the unknown. We're very

open-minded :)

  • What are some of your Pros and Cons about being a Foodie Traveler?

We don't like to settle for bad food. In some countries where vegan food is lacking it can be

a challenge to find more than nuts and fruit for lunch. Despite this, every country has

something new to offer and it's beautiful to see regional and national differences as we travel


  • What would you recommend to other people who are interested in traveling the world to try different foods?

Say yes to everything. Follow the locals, not the tourists. If you don't ask you don't get. 

  • Is there anything else you would like to add about Food and Traveling?

Whether we're travelling or eating, sustainability is always on our mind. We want to explore

the world and have a positive impact as we do so. If you want to find out more come and find

us at