Create Travel Memories With The Ones You Love The Most

There's nothing compared to the exhilarating feeling you get when you're visiting a new destination creating memories that will last you a life time and most of all sharing those special moments and creating hose everlasting memories with the person/people who mean the most to you. Many people love to travel, are in love with travel and that is why we will discuss in this current travel interview Love & Travel!!! Have you ever Wondered what it would be like to travel with your significant other? Once a month we choose one lovely couple to answer a few Questions and give recommendations based on their personal Love & Travel experience. 

Meet Ryan & Kirsty


We are Ryan and Kirsty and we are a couple who come from the UK. We are taking some time out of our usual 9-5 lives to be free to discover the world and do what we love permanently.
To travel the world and explore new places is our main passion in life and the main reason for our blog. We’d love to share our experiences with you like-minded people.

Come join us on our travels!

The Interview


  • Who are you?

"A Couple Of Idiots Abroad, Ryan & Kirsty "

  •  When you think of the word travel, where does your imagination take you? 

"automatically takes me to a happy place thinking of being on a white beach on a secluded island surrounded by beautiful turquoise sea with the sun beaming!"

  • How did you and your significant other meet?

 "we met through a friend randomly on a night out in a local bar and just clicked instantly"

  • As a couple where was your most favored travel destination?

"Ryan - Rome 

Kirsty - Iceland "

  • What made that destination your favorite? 

"Ryan chose Rome for his love of Roman ancient history and the visit to the coliseum was something he wanted to do his whole life so this was major for him.

Kirsty - Iceland because it’s such a stunning place with beautiful snowy scenery everywhere you go and the blue lagoon and walking behind a waterfall were just experiences that I will remember forever." 

  •  If you could go back to that destination as a couple would you? If so Why or why not?

 "We feel we would maybe not go back to Iceland as we feel it was just a once in a lifetime trip and we did everything we wanted to do in our time there, also it’s very expensive! We would definitely love to go back to Rome though as we didn’t spend as much time there as we would have liked and feel there was plenty more exploring to be done."

  • What is your most favorite part about traveling as a couple? 

"we’re not just a couple but we’re also best friends so we have the most fun when we travel together and what’s better than seeing amazing places and experiencing new things with somebody that you love?!"

  • Do you prefer to travel as a couple, with friends or Solo and why? 

"We definitely prefer to travel as a couple because we love to make memories together and as a couple it’s the thing that we are most passionate about. "

  • What are some of your Pros and Cons about traveling as a couple? 

"Pro’s - making memories that last forever and that you can share with your children! 

Pro’s - having a companion to share the amazing experiences with "

  • What would you recommend to other couples who are interested in traveling together? 

"Just get out there and do it! It’s the best thing we ever did and we’re totally addicted to travel and planning all of the places we’d like to visit in the world. There’s so much to be seen and done in this world it would be a shame to miss out on it all!"