When was the last time you took a family vacation?


         Life and time as we all know are very valuable. So when ever we can we should try to spend our valuable time with the people who matter the most and for most individuals those important people are their family. What better way to spend valuable time with family than while enjoying a nice family vacation. Travel has become a very hot commodity and many families around the world are loading their luggages to hop on the next flight out. As we all know planning a family vacation can sometimes have its challenges and many families out there may have a few questions on where to start to get them on the next flight out. To assist with getting families closer to that long desired family vacation, once a month we choose 1 Traveling Family to answer a few questions and give us recommendations about family vacationing based on their personal experiences.

Meet Parth

        Meet Parth outside his routine 9 to 5 work life Parth really has a niche for traveling with his family. During this travel interview Parth will be taking us on his family vacation. He will be giving us a few insights on his families personal experiences of vacationing with the family!!!

The Interview

 Family Travel:

  • Who are you? 

My name is Parth Dave

  • When you think of the word travel, where does your imagination take you? 

“When I think of travel, my imagination takes me to a beautiful island because I love to be at the beach.”

  • How did you and your family get into travel? 

“I got into traveling because we get into the same routine for example work, school, and other priorities. But life is too short and it is great to be able to take some time away to enjoy yourself.” 

  • Where was your first vacation as a family?

Disney World “

  • Are there any particular destinations or ways to travel that you would like to recommend to first time traveling families? If so why?

“ I would recommend going to Cancun. Cancun is a great place because it is a major touring spot because there is so much to do that the entire family will enjoy and the costs of the vacation is relatively affordable. Also most people there can speak English fluently, Cancun is relatively safe, and the tour packages are readily available. “

  • As a family how do you all decide on a travel destination to visit?

“ As a family we decide to travel depending on our budget, amount of time allocated to travel, and we love to travel to locations that have beaches.”

  • Do you all have any fun hobbies, collectibles or anything you always must do when visiting a destination?

“ We love food, so we enjoy being able to spend time with each other at a nice place to eat. We also love to get souvenirs from each travel destination as a good memory of our visit. Also taking several pictures of the trip is a must!”

  • As a family do you set budgets when you all travel and if so do you have any helpful tips/recommendations for other families interested in traveling together when it comes to budgeting?

“ We do set budgets because traveling smart can avoid unnecessary costs. We typically use a site such as Hotwire to obtain great package deals on flights and hotels. We also get tour packages from the destination because sometimes it ends up costing less than purchasing online.”


  • As a family where was your most favored travel destination? 

Our most favored travel destination is Cancun.

  • What made that destination your favorite? 

“The destination was our favorite because of the low vacation costs and there are so many places to visit which keeps your time occupied. We also love to spend time at a beach.”

  • What is one thing you’ll always remember about that vacation? 

“I will always remember visiting Chichen Itza which is one of the 7 Wonders of the World.”

  • If you could go back to that destination as a family would you? 

“If so Why or why not? I would definitely go back to that destination because there are so many touring destinations to visit in and around Cancun.”

  • What is your most favorite part about traveling as a family?

Being able to enjoy our time away from work and the normal routine. This helps us become closer as a family.”

  • Are there any must do destinations/activities you would like to recommend for other family traveler?

" I would recommend taking a tour to Chichen Itza because the tour was highly interesting.”

  • Do you prefer to travel as a family, couple, with friends or Solo and why? 

“I would prefer to travel as a family because more time with your family is important and helps stay close to each other.” 

  • What are some of your Pros and Cons about traveling as a family?

“The pros are being able to enjoy each other’s company away from the normal routine and stress from life. The cons are there are some activities that I would like to do that my parents cannot partake in.”  

  • What would you recommend to other families who are interested in traveling together?

“ I would recommend to do a lot of research before taking a vacation. This includes times of the year to travel for better costs and weather. Also taking a look at tour destinations that the entire family would be interested.”

  • Is there anything else you would like to add about Family Travel? 

“Be open to traveling to new destinations. This will increase enjoyment and help you learn something new. Live, laugh, and love because life is way too short. So put some enjoyment in life by travelling to exciting destinations!”

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