Would you enjoy a career that allowed you to travel?


Would you enjoy traveling Full-Time and having the security of a steady income while doing so?

Many People would answer Yes to the question above.  There a multiple careers that grant their employees the opportunity to travel the world while in return obtaining a very steady financial income. 

On this page you will have access to personal interviews done with people across the globe who currently or have previously held a career that allowed the to travel and maintain a steady financial income.  This will be most helpful for anyone who is interested in such career fields, because it will introduce you to the various types of careers available, it will give you useful insight on what those careers have to Intel, it will share with you tips on how to enter a career field as such and much much more.

Readers feel free to browse as much as you please and print any career interviews that you find to be very beneficial.

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The Careers

Flight Attendant

 I’ve been in the airline industry for more than 6 years, and I would stay here forever if I could. Everyday is a surprise because the destination is different and the people you meet are different. 

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Internal Audit

 “I have been in this field for 7 years. There are parts I really enjoy (like

the travel), and parts that I no longer enjoy (like dealing with difficult


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Stunt Woman

 “I have been in this career for 6 years. Fortunately for me almost all my

previous jobs also allowed me to travel a good amount. This perk is

definitely one of the things I love about my job. As an athlete though I

love being able to perform, which is what I get to do almost every day

on a movie or TV show.”

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