How can you save & travel?

One of the most important steps when planning a vacation other than making sure you have the vacation time to do so, is making sure you budget properly to assure your vacation goes smoothly while on and upon returning from it. For many people budgeting can be quite a challenge due to various reasons, maybe you have a large family, maybe you love to shop, maybe you are addicted to authentic experiences/tours, maybe you prefer the fancier ways of travel..... We are here to help our readers discover ways to enjoys your vacation without having to compromise or stress to do the things you enjoy while vacationing.  Once a month we choose one Nifty Traveler to answer a few Questions and give recommendations about budgeting and Travel based on their personal Experience. 

Meet Anna Kassay


I’m Anna. I was born in Transylvania 20 years ago, and at this time I am finishing my bachelor’s degree in marketing. I like to ride my bike, go to festivals, watch series/movies (especially when I have exams), my Mom, volunteering and all kinds of stuff like that. Besides uni, I’m working as a freelancer in graphic design and also, I’m learning to do web design and to edit videos. (Thank you, Youtube Tutorials!)

But one of my favorite things to do is traveling (yeah, like almost everyone else, and like You). After finishing high school, I traveled around Europe with my boyfriend (mainly by hitchhiking and using Couchsurfing) so at that time I fell in love with the World (uhh, this sounds crazy). But yeah…

The Interview

  • Who are you?

Hey Guys! My name is Anna, I’m 20 form Transylvania (it’s a part of Romania) and I’m Hungarian.

After I finished high school, I travelled around Europe with my boyfriend, mostly by hitchhiking and

doing everything on a low budget. Ever since, I travel as much as I can. <3

Currently I’m a final year student doing BcS Marketing, and also working as a freelancer (in graphic

design), and doing some volunteering work at In my free time I’m cycling or planning

my new trips. ;)

  • When you think of the word travel, where does your imagination take you?

Well, honestly, I would like to see everything… There is so much beauty in the World, why wouldn’t I see

it, if I can?


in the next few years my plan is to visit every European country, and at least one other continent… or

more. :D also, I would really like to go to South America.

  • What is your opinion on Budget traveling, do you think it is an effective way of travel, if so why or why not?

First of all, what is budget travelling?

Basically, it’s travelling budget-conscious. It means that you’re aware of your financial limits.

Usually people think, that it is expensive to travel somewhere. This is the reason why I’m writing my

blog: to show, that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have awesome adventures. Yeah,

probably it will cost something, but there are a lot of opportunities which can help people to travel.

My opinion is that it’s not for everyone, but I think if someone is looking for a way to travel, it’s worth a

try, because it’s a lot of fun, even if you have a limited budget. Also, it’s great because even if you have a

lot of money, but travel on a budget, you can visit more places.

  • Are there any great budgeting methods you’ve used or currently use when planning a vacation that you would like to share, also if so how did you come across this method?

What I do almost every time, is that I plan in advance: if you want to book a flight or find a cheap

accommodation, then the best thing that you can do is to search for them at least 2 months earlier.

Also, a very good method is “being flexible”. It means that if you want to save some money, sometimes

you have to change your plans. :P

I think I learned these “methods” from my boyfriend who’s really good in finding really good

opportunities. <3

  • When you travel do you independently book your trips or do you use some form of booking agency and why do you prefer this method of booking?

I do everything myself, because agencies, even if they find for you some cheap opportunity, they will

take some extra fee for their service (of course they do). If they could find that trip, I can find it too,


Planning my trips is actually fun, except maybe the financial part. You can look for all kind of different

possibilities and you can decide for yourself, based on your mood, constraints and imagination (and

sometimes the internet connection :P ).

  • Do you get deals on travel accommodations, also if so what are a few travel deals searching methods you would recommend to others who are interested in travel deals?

For accommodation I’m trying to use Couchsurfing as much as I can. CS is a hospitality service and social

networking service. Basically, the website provides a platform for members to stay as a guest at

someone's home, host travelers, meet other members. Or try Air Bnb, Hostelworld,

About any kind of travel deals... The main idea is to search, search and search more. Usually you have to

search a lot to find good travel deals, but you can sign up for some newsletters, so wherever there’s a

good deal, you’ll be noticed.

My favorite platforms are: (all kind of travel deals, sometimes accommodation included) and (budget flights).

  • Have you ever group traveled if so, do you find that group discounts make a big difference compared to traveling Solo or without a large group?

I’ve been to Greece once with a large group. And it was quite cheap (like 120 € in all, for the return

tickets and for the accommodation - for 7 nights) which was really good,


to be honest, I prefer traveling alone or with my boyfriend. You can get really good offers even if you’re

not with a large group, and the good thing is that you can be more flexible.

  • Are there certain times of the year you would consider is best to travel when looking for travel deals?

It really depends on where do you want to go. But mostly if you avoid high seasons, you can find great

offers, I promise!

  • Are there any destinations you would recommend that you have traveled to or plan on traveling to that offer great travel deals?

Last summer we were in Albania. And it was really cheap, and anywhere we went, people helped us, so

we got some great opportunities. And the country is so beautiful… totally worth a visit!

  • As a Budget Traveler where was one of your most memorable travel destination, and did you get any great travel deals at this destination?

The most memorable destination, is actually not one place, but a whole trip. Two years ago, we were

travelling around Europe. 10 countries, 1 month and around 300 euros/person. It was pretty amazing!

  • If you could go back to any travel destination where would it be and why?

Lake Ohrid.

This lake is between Albania and Macedonia. And it’s basically a big lake in the mountains… We were

hitchhiking and wild camping around the lake for a few days. The main reason why I would go back, is

because we’ve met some great people and the environment there is so pure and magical…

  • Are the any must dos, hobbies, collectibles Ect. that you do at every travel destination you visit?

Not really. Mainly I’m just trying to keep a healthy balance between taking pictures and enjoying the

moments I get from the new places I visit. Ooh, and now I started my travel blog, so from now on, I’m

gonna write about my experiences.

  • What is your most favorite part about Budget Traveling?

I think my favorite part about travelling on a budget is that I have to interact with other people, which

makes my experiences richer. Meeting locals or other travelers can help you to get much more from a

trip then just sightseeing and visiting some beautiful places.

  • What are some of your Pros and Cons about Budget traveling?


 Obviously, meeting awesome people,

 You can learn how to be more flexible,

 But also, how to make a good decision in advance,

 And financially (from every perspective).


 To travel on a budget, you have to spend more time to plan your trips.

 And sometimes it can be quite tiring/hard to plan everything in advance.

  • What would you recommend to other people who are interested in Budget Traveling?

To be flexible, to be open minded, to be patient, to never give up and to search a lot.

  • Is there anything else you would like to add about Budget Traveling?

Well, I think that budget traveling maybe not for everyone, because maybe you will have to give up

luxury and comfort, but I’m telling ya’, if you’re looking for some great adventure, please do not


Thank you so much for these amazing questions!