About Me

Who Am I?


Hello all my name is Gabby and I am the founder of Travel Blogs & More By Traveling Charms. I like to start by firstly thanking you for taking the time to show your interest in my travel website, it is much appreciated. 

A little more about myself. I am one of the founders of the exciting travel group called Traveling Charms ( find more info on Traveling Charms at www.travelingcharms.org ) , I am a  mother of 1 beautiful baby girl, I'm a loving daughter, a little/big sister, I love travel.  I'm obsessed with travel experiences the discovered/undiscovered beauties of Earth, and I am very excited about having the opportunity to interview travelers and travel companies across the globe!!!

My Background

 After working for AAA Travel Agency for 3 plus years there was no doubt that my Wander was a Lust. Over those years of working in the travel industry I was introduced to and educated on the many ways to travel. Although I have not yet had the opportunity to accomplish them all there is no stopping me from marking each and everyone of them off my bucket-list one by one. The World is a mystery and we are the Sherlock's!!!